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Progressive Realm!

Greetings everyone!

As you already know, we started working on new Progressive Realm.

It will take some time to complete and fully update, but our release date stays the same - August 1st!

At the very beginning, we will disable our Premium Account, but it will be up once every Realm First Achievement is taken!

Feel free to join our Discord and share your ideas as well!


We have updated and closed our Character Transfers.

Due to new and fresh realm, we had to close Character and Guild transfers.

We might gonna enable it, during progression, but it's under big question.
It would be really unfair to our players who are dedicated and loyal since day one.

For players who bought boost's on Twilight's Hammer realm, we will make compensation trough Pets or Mounts.

Final Tests!

Almost ready!

Thanks to our testers and players from Twilight's Hammer Realm, we were able, not only to fix but to even improve our scripts!

We will keep working every day on our new Realm, to give our players best possible gaming experience!

Feel free to join our Forums and share your ideas as well!

PS -> Website and Forums will be updated in next few days!

Latest Community News

Latest Developers Updates

Frozen Nexus - Coming August 1st!
We hope you will enjoy our new Progressive Realm!
Blizzlike rates (1x) with no modifications!
Check our Blog news to read more!

Knindza, Project Founder

Website updates!
Due to new Progressive Realm, we will update our Website as well!
Store should be updated in next few days.
We also working on new Voting center.
Feel free to join us on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!

Knindza, Project Founder

Signature Creator completed!
Log into your account and create your signature!

Portal master enabled!

Portal Master is a teleporter NPC. It has 130+ teleports including all zones in wow. The teleports are categorized and you can only see your own faction teleports. All teleports have the zone’s level requirement. This means that you can not teleport anywhere when at a lower level. The teleporter is spawned by default in every main city at the location of teleportation.